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Heads Up, Attention!

This blog will self-destruct (be deleted) in three days.  If you have any further interest, your only option will be to go here:

"Cybertronca Obscura" is essentially now "Cybertronica Obsoleta" and though you may be nostalgic for the movies here, any even any further films which might be coming out even in the next 10 years of the same spirit, I hate to tell you, it's all obsolete and too late to even be 'entertained' by.

All cautionary tales are now obsolete, the line has been crossed, the Rubicon has been crossed, it doesn't fucking matter if anybody watches these movies now. The only people who 'get anything' out of them now are hipster trash who think they're funny and have no interest in contemplating any of what was once their intentded 'content.'

Yes, they all knew, and they tried, but they didn't fail, YOU DID.

Also, the Internet is like a well, it has been 'poisoned.' The psychology of the average internet user is now "just skim, mine and pilfer" and provide nothing and communicate nothing, and attempt to make your little fucking 'business' out of it. Thus nullifying most of what anybody does 'with' the internet.

That's it. Commentary on 'computer shit,' is null and void now considering what 'tech' is about to be sprung on us in the next five years. Nothing will matter and no film nor comment nor opinion will matter by then.

The internet is a poisoned well, there's no 'cleaning' it up. Take that metaphor and contemplate that if you can.

See ya.

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