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Running Delilah

This is a rare obscurity that not many people have heard of. Kim Catrall becomes a cyborg. Do I need to say any more?

Kim Cattrall, Diana Rigg and Billy Zane star in this take on cybernetics. It seems like a TV pilot, and if it was, it was a good TV pilot which sadly never became a series. If it isn't a TV pilot, it feels like a twisted Lifetime movie which
is mostly the 'origin' story of Kim Cattrall becoming a cyborg, the plot about terrorists isn't all that interesting or well done for a 'movie.'

Having said all that, it isn't all that bad, the acting isn't half bad, and I did get caught up in the 'story' about poor Kim Cattrall waking up after being shot like 20 times by terrorists to find out her entire body has been replaced (except her head and left arm) and she can't feel anything.

Kim Cattrall focuses her performance mostly on the drama of becoming a cyborg, which she does pretty well, considering I've recently watched "THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN" and honestly, Lee Majors just doesn't sell it. If this is a TV remake of the Bionic Woman, its much better, but very 80s. The special effects don't look bad for when it was made, but the terrorist plot is a bit lacking in any excitement and not very interesting at all. Kim Cattrall and Billy Zane are spying on terrorists for the government (I assume), and she gets shot and dumped in the woods, he brings her back to "Level 6" government lab, where geeks turn her into a cyborg, she freaks out and runs around the city with a robot arm scaring people, and then returns to be a 'cyborg agent.' The title 'Cyborg Agent' suits the movie a lot better, it sounds more trashy.
The cyborg issue is the prime focus of this origin story, and pretty much runs the same course as THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN. She agrees to help the 'government' spy on terrorists, and she has this relationship with Billy Zane, her 'handler' and partner. 'Running Delilah' makes you think she's going to be on the run from the men in black or something, as she only does this in one scene, and she's not really on the run, which is what I thought this movie was going to be, this title makes no sense. So as cheesy as this "Cyborg Agent" is, it is the better title, and is the title on some video releases.

It is worth it for several things: 1. Kim Cattral becomes a cyborg, and that's hilarious. 2. Kim Cattral does 'cyborg things' even though the 'POV Cyborg Vision' is terrible, she runs around in this rather bizarre black outfit, and later in really short pants shooting a big gun which is pretty silly and funny. Her hand short circuits in the rain, etc. 3. Diana Rigg is in this! 4.Kim Cattral and Billy Zane's chemistry actually works fairly well in this film. 5. Kim Cattral has this'cyber orgasm' at the end which makes absolutely no sense, and there's no other word for it other than 'cyber orgasm' and it makes the end of this movie make no sense. It sounds like I'm making all this up, which makes it even more interesting, even though I'm not making any of this up.

Because of its obscurity, rarity and absurdity, I make special recommendation for this movie which is only currently available on VHS and LASERDISC. One of these days, I'll have to cut a trailer for this movie. Or at least find an original one.


  1. "Running Delilah" actually makes perfect sense if you understand spy terminology. Billy Zane's character is her superior, and supplies her with information, advice and directions from behind the scenes while she is working. He is controlling, directing or 'running' her.

    1. You know I never thought of that, but for some reason it sounds weird, and I'm not sure the producers were that smart. I'd have to check again, but, I'm not even sure her name is "Delilah!"