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Movies about SUPERSOLDIERS are always fun, but not always necessarily about 'cyborg soldiers,' or robot soldiers. They often offer a variety of genetically engineered, re-animated, cybernetically or chemically enhanced, with microchips, tracking devices, special weapons or control mechanisms. I have included the wide variety of 'futuristic' super-soldiers in this list. Usually, they are the re-telling of FRANKENSTEIN, whether they are re-constituted corpses or cyborgs. In some cases they are simply 'programmed to kill' through mind control, but what is the difference between psychologically programmed robotic killers or cybernetically programmed killers? In most of these films, the super-soldier usually finds out he is expendable, or 'just a piece of hardware' used to do the bidding of nefarious tyrants. Theydiscover their humanity, and try to fight for the 'right side.'

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